Why Should you accept a CS Course?

  • Live Webinar: All CS courses are completed through a live Webinar platform. Each Webinar is interactive, requires participation and is taught by a masters level instructor. 

  • Curricula: CS Courses utilizes evidence based curricula and focuses on personal accountability.

  • Breaking Negative Behavior: Through the delivery method, curriculum and interactive workbook, courses are designed to break the negative pattern of behavior for participants. 

  • Completion: Following course completion, a completion notice will be sent to the participant and directly to a secondary recipient. 

  • Interactive Workbook: After course enrollment, an interactive workbook is mailed out. The workbook will be used throughout the webinar and will be the participants to keep after course completion.

Corrective Solutions designed a program based on our criteria and the San Joaquin County Community Accountability Program was launched in February 2010. Since that time, we have been amazed at the effectiveness of the program and the support provided throughout the process. I would highly recommend Corrective Solutions to any county or municipality with similar needs.

Interested in a customized comprehensive Diversion Program?

CorrectiveSolutions utilizes CS Courses materials and education in combination with additional program requirements to create uniquely tailored and successful diversion programs.

CorrectiveSolutions is the leading administrator of comprehensive pre-filing, post-filing and post-plea diversion programs for adults and juveniles. In addition, CorrectiveSolutions provides administration of probation programs.

These programs range from simple education and restitution programs to programs with local counselors and a multitude of conditions such as drug tests, external education, community service and drug treatment programs. CorrectiveSolutions brings expertise in administration, management and treatment to its customers.  

All programs are highly customized to each customer's goals, needs and desires.  All programs are offender funded.

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