What is CS Courses?

CS Courses provides an innovative solution for accountability, offering courses to meet COURT ORDERED REQUIREMENTS and UNIVERSITY SANCTIONS. We believe education can be used to provide the tools individuals need to make positive life choices and see positive changes in their behavior. Each course is designed to:

  • DISRUPTS negative patterns of behavior

  • CONNECTS with participants in a way they are comfortable interacting

  • EDUCATES participants on the consequences of a criminal record

  • EMPOWERS participants to make better decisions in the future

CS Courses prides itself on utilizing evidence based curricula for the most effective and life changing results. Our LIVE webinars incorporate curricula developed specifically to address the root causes of negative behavior.

What sets CS Courses apart from other online courses?

  • LIVE: All CS courses are completed through a live Webinar platform. Each Webinar is interactive, requires participation and is taught by a masters level instructor. 

  • CURRICULA: CS Courses utilizes evidence based curricula and focuses on personal accountability.

  • DISRUPTS NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR: Through the delivery method, curriculum and interactive workbook, courses are designed to break the negative pattern of behavior for participants. 

  • COMPLETION: Following course completion, a completion notice will be sent to the participant and directly to a secondary recipient. 

  • INTERACTIVE JOURNALING: After course enrollment, an interactive journal is mailed out. The journal will be used throughout the webinar and will be the participants to keep after course completion.

  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed to Satisfy Court or other disciplinary conditions.

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